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We want to help you do new things in your business.

Whether you’re looking at products, services or market exploitation. Grow Tees Valley can provide tailored support – accelerating you from idea to growth.


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Business Growth Diagnostic

The first step to accessing support through Grow Tees Valley is to meet with one of our friendly and approachable Business Innovation Managers.


This enables us to understand your company, your growth plans and the challenges you face.

They will work with you to carry out a 'Business Growth Diagnostic' to help identify the most appropriate way to support your growth plans which may include either of the two programmes below and/or other university and external services.


A proven six-month leadership and management programme designed specifically for business leaders.


Voucher will fund 50% of costs, up to a maximum of £20,000


A three-month management programme to support middle managers and aspiring managers.


30 graduate placements up to 12 months long with academic mentor support.

Now is the time...

TVBH has been commissioned by Teesside University to deliver The Grow Tees Valley project.

The support programme will commence with an agile diagnostic workshop, enabling us to understand businesses' start-up pain and pressure points. 


The support offered will range from legislative and regulatory support all the way through to resources and start-up tool kits enabling companies to #grow2succeed. 

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The Growth Associate Programme runs for 12 months and allows you to recruit a full-time graduate, who is supported by the University or an industry expert for up to half a day per week.


Project costs are established through the development of a project plan, which details all the expertise, consumables, travel etc. required to deliver that project. SMEs are required to contribute a minimum of 50% of the graduate’s salary.

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Growth Spark grants support SMEs with the costs associated with procuring expertise and specialist equipment to develop ideas, products and services.


Successful grant applicants will be awarded 50% of their overall project value. Growth Spark vouchers will fund 50% of costs, up to a maximum of £20,000.

Register Your Interest Form


Please complete the form here and sign up to attend one of our upcoming events.

We will provide you with the dates and times from which to choose that best suits you. 


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