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A network to help your business thrive.

Is your business starting, surviving or thriving?

Check out our latest, fully funded, business start-up programme:

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Start. Survive. Thrive.

The Tees Valley Business Hub actively supports start up businesses at an ideation stage all the way through to scaling organisations who are looking to enter new markets or launch new products and services. 

The Tees Valley Business Hub has all of the expertise to help businesses start, survive and thrive. 

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We provide support to entrepreneurs and start-ups across the Tees Valley. 

We offer a collaborative and ethical approach to creating a one-stop service for ALL support needs when looking to kick start a business.

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Knowledge. Experience. Ideas

The Tees Valley Business Hub supports early stage businesses by utilising our multidisciplinary skill set, we invest our knowledge, experience, ideas and infrastructure to help businesses survive any economical or market changes.

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Pushing forwards.

We are a team of experienced business professionals and forward-thinkers. Together, we push industries and organisations forward, enabling businesses to thrive and scale fast.

NatWest Programme
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Are you looking for comprehensive support and guidance for your business start-up journey?

Register your interest for our Business Start-up Support Programme now.

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Enterprise Ignition

A new programme to help you turn your business idea into a successful reality. Led by a team of respected business professionals and experts, the programme offers best-in-class guidance and support to help you start-up your own business ventures.
Delivered by the Tees Valley Business Hub (TVBH) and Asian Business Connexions (ABC) in collaboration with NatWest. This programme is also committed to providing targeted support for ethnic minority business owners, who face unique challenges and barriers.

This opportunity is perfect for anyone who has ever aspired to kickstart their own business regardless of their background or experience level.

Two New Online Events Now Available!
To register your interest please click the link below.

[Please register early to avoid disappointment and ensure your spot]


Business Model Innovation

The Tees Valley Business Hub has devised a Business Model Innovation (BMI) which is an agile diagnostic project tool to help establish a solid foundation for your business which is then utilised and designed to exploit the success of your business.

Our free one-hour diagnostic programme offers a unique and compelling agile support service for SME’s across the Tees Valley.

Our team of business managers, forward-thinkers, creators, and innovators apply a robust tried and tested diagnostic which provides you with insight into the opportunities that will move your business forward.



We are developing an online business support platform, Strive. 


Strive is an easily accessible digital platform, a go to business support tool for all businesses whether you are a start up or a scale up, Strive will offer all the support your business needs. 

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Serviced & Virtual Offices

Through our collaborative approach, we collaborate and work with serviced and virtual office spaces to provide a high-quality one-stop source for an extensive range of business support.

Why not become an SME Centre of Excellence accredited office provider and let us help you find new tenants, retain existing tenants and create a digital landscape to make you more accessible to new clients. 
As an accredited SME Centre of Excellence officer you will be awarded an excellence and quality mark and will be supported in the delivery of frequently ran high quality workshops, seminars and accelerators to ensure that your tenants receive all of the support to help them start, survive and thrive!

Meet some of our incredible partners.


A complete range of business support.

We work with strategic partners to provide a cohesive and internationally recognised support programme for SME's.


If you are looking for support to help you or your business overcome a problem or need advice to help your business grow, contact us.  We will help you access the right support at the right time at the right price!


Partner with us.

Working with like minded partners & suppliers.

The Tees Valley Business Hub wants to work with like-minded partners and suppliers.  


The Tees Valley Business Hub is here to help minimise negative impact on businesses and maximise opportunities to grow and create a valuable ecosystem.

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Free Resources

The Tees Valley Business Hub provides support to businesses when they need it.

You can access free support through our business support articles, downloads, links and

e-books which are designed to help businesses start, survive and thrive.



Check out our series of educational and insightful blogs...

Our series of blogs give insights and overall advice to all types of businesses anywhere. 

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Keep up to date with the latest News and Insights...

Keep up to date with the Tees Valley Business Hub News and Insights. 


Tees Valley Business Hub works tirelessly engaging with business support initiatives and working with business leaders across the region.

Keep up to date on all the news, initiatives, grants and business support opportunities by subscribing with us. We don't flood your inbox and handpick the news that we believe can help you.

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